Bath Road Methodist Church holds  very successful ‘Away' and 'At Home Weekends’ on alternate years, which have all proved to be very enjoyable.


We held our 'Weekend Away' in January 2019 on 'The Sound of Silence', led by Rev Heather Skull.  We stayed at the Lindors Country House Hotel in the Forest of Dean.

There was time for reflection, fellowship and discussion in the beautiful surroundings.  Inbetween, we explored the local area through a variety of activities as small or large groups.  We had great fun with a quiz on the Saturday night, including some amazing constructions using marshmallows and spaghetti.

A great time was had by all.

People on weekend away


Our 'Home' weekend took place in January 2020 on our premises.  An extensive activities day took place on the Saturday including card-making, yoga, games, table tennis, and to spend time with Gemma, our Pets as Therapy dog.  On the Sunday we held worship together and then walked down the road for a lunch together at a local pub.

at home 20 1  at home 20 2

at hoem 20 3  at home 20 4