How to hire our rooms:

  1. Check room availability - click on 'Calendar' at the top of this page
  2. Complete the Bookings form (available to download at the bottom of this page)
  3. Send the form and any specific requirements to us via email - click HERE
It's that simple.  Still have questions e.g. musician required? PA or LED lighting required? Email us HERE

Room Hire
Period of hire is from when access is required through to exit, and not limited to the duration of the event itself.

We are wheelchair and pushchair-friendly, with accessible toilets and baby-change facilities on site.  We offer free Wi-fi.  Please note that the consumption of alcohol and gambling activities are not allowed on our premises.

For Religious Groups Looking To Hire
The Methodist Church has clear rules with worship that takes place on its premises.  If you wish to book our church for Christian worship, we have to follow a process that will take a few weeks to complete.  Should you wish to start this process then you need to speak to our Minister first, Revd Rach Collins (click here) to see if this is possible. 

It is worth noting at this point no alcohol is permitted on our premises, and we are registered to hold same sex marriages - we would expect those denominations who wish to use our premises to be sympathetic to these conditions.  We hope that you find a suitable place to worship God in and will work with you if you want to continue this path to being in our space.

Room Views And Rates
Click on the named room below for details along with a video of each room:

Crossland Room - £20.00 per hour (or £50.00 for the entire day)
Roberts Room - £20.00 per hour (or £50.00 for the entire day)
Upper Room  - £15.00 per hour (or £45.00 for the entire day)
Worship Area  £45.00 per hour (or £100 for the entire day)*
'Cold' Kitchen (Free, so long as another room is being hired)
'Hot' Kitchen (use of cooker) - £30.00 per hour, or a maximum of £70 for a full day

Rates are negotiable, especially where fund-raising for good causes is involved.

There is no room hire charge for church members.

Operator Rates
Church Music Group: £100.00**
House Steward: £40.00 per Steward 
Musician (Keyboard/Piano/Organ): £100.00
PA Operator: £40.00 (please note this is a mandatory charge if the hirer has not been trained previously to use our PA equipment)

* Overhead projector and screen included in price. Indicate on Bookings Form if this is required so we can have someone on site to show how to operate the equipment.  If you would prefer someone else operates this equipment, please indicate this on the Bookings Form.  Please note the operator might charge for this service.
** Charge is a guide - depends on which type of musicians are required and how many.

Hiring Documents:
Bookings Form 
Parking @ Bath Road Methodist Church

Other documents you may find helpful:
Fire Safety Instructions For The 'Temporary Responsible Person'

Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy