Eco ChurchWorld on plant

Our Eco Church timeline

      Mar 2020, following District recommendation, our Church Council voted to register for Eco Church

      First pass answering the Eco Church survey questions but updating of “need to find out” answers delayed due to pandemic

      Jan 2021, Eco Group of 6 church members formed to complete the survey and promote eco matters within the church

      Mar 2021 Received an Energy Efficiency report (Building) from SevernWye Energy Agency

      Jul 2021, applied for Silver award

·       Aug 2021 received our Silver award

·       May 2022 started a new survey with a view to achieving Gold

Our Eco Group Organisation

• The group meets on an ad-hoc basis, usually by zoom

• The group reports to Church Council

• The group submits ideas to both the Property and Finance Committee and Ministry and Mission Committee

• Each member of the group brings skills in particular areas

Some of Our Eco Church steps

Within each of the 5 Eco Church areas:

      Worship and Teaching

Although Eco subjects are often included in services, we have four Sundays a year that are specifically Eco themed; January – Climate Sunday, April – Earth Day, August – Creation Day, October - Harvest


We are contracted with a green energy supplier and have switched all lighting to LED


We only have a small outside space but have a wildflower area and have plans to add a small wildlife pond

      Community and Global Engagement

We produce Eco themed articles that promote earth’s stewardship to the congregation and wider community. We encourage church users to minimize energy use and environmental impact


We are a Fairtrade church and have twinned all out toilets. Our church rooms are used by a variety of outside groups

The choices of what to do to help our environment can often seem overwhelming, so we encourage individuals to take a few steps to change their habits and behaviours, every step counts, no matter how small.