'...In Christ, we are all one body.  Each one is a part of that body, and each part 
belongs to all the other parts.  We all have different gifts, each of which came
because of the grace God gave us.'  Romans 12:5-6

Our church community acts through a sincere belief of mutual support and care.  Ensuring everything runs smoothly and safely requires a little organisation here and there.  The rotas below help with the practical logistics - the 'Method' in our Methodism!

Worship Rota: Many hands make light work...make for a great Sunday worship.

Church Flowers Rota 2020: Church flowers are more than a welcome decoration on Sunday mornings.  They are given to those in our minds that Sunday, to commemorate and celebrate the good things or as a comfort during the tough times.

And this is who handles the distribution: Flower Distribution Rota 2020

Coffee Rota 2020:  We provide refreshments after morning worship and actively encourage young and old both to serve up the teas, coffees and squash at the kitchen hatch.  It's an important time to chat informally, reflect on worship and to broaden and deepen friendships.  Then again, our children just love the biscuits!!