Genesis meets on Sunday mornings as part of our wider Junior Church programme.  

Although we refer to 'teenagers', this group is tailored for those in School Year 6 through to 18 years old.  This may seem a huge age range, however we have found it brings out a diverse range of thinking, discussion and humour.

Our Christian teenagers have a lot of spiritual growth in front of them.  Genesis is focused on helping teenagers grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Genesis has a focus on God while  allowing everyone to be social and to have a little fun. That's what being a teenager is about—growing in all kinds of ways.

Our sessions are a blend of focus on Bible text alongside contemporary themes.  We also use material from Scripture Union's 'Grid' series.  This means we might be looking at something on YouTube, playing a game or taking part in one of our ever-popular quizzes, or discussing fictitious scenarios and how each of us might respond.  Click here for more about The Grid

Last week we heard about the Parable of the Talents. Here's Genesis finding out who's most talented at Dobble!