Genesis meets on Sunday mornings as part of our wider Junior Church programme.  

Although we refer to 'teenagers', this group is tailored for those in School Year 6 through to 18 years old.  This may seem a huge age range, however we have found it brings out a diverse range of thinking, discussion and humour.

Our Christian teenagers have a lot of spiritual growth in front of them.  Genesis is focused on helping teenagers grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Genesis has a focus on God while  allowing everyone to be social and to have a little fun. That's what being a teenager is about—growing in all kinds of ways.

Our sessions are a blend of focus on Bible text alongside contemporary themes.  We also use material from Scripture Union's 'Grid' series.  This means we might be looking at something on YouTube, playing a game or taking part in one of our ever-popular quizzes, or discussing fictitious scenarios and how each of us might respond.  Click here for more about The Grid